Audio is another media to communicate information. The ability to manipulate audio is vital in transmitting information efficiently in the classroom.



I will be using the free audio software know as audacity to alter audio for communication purposes.
Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds.

The main screen looks like this below.


The audio file below involves taking the vocals out of a particular song. This might be desired if the vocals interfere with a Power Point if the music is used in the background. So it is best to both remove the vocals and lower the volume so that it becomes "background" music. I learned how to take the vocals out by watching the Youtube video:

"Remove Vocals from Mp3s using audacity (Win/Mac/Linux) Free"

Below is both the original file and the altered file that I changed.

Original unaltered Audio:(The vocals start after 10 seconds)

Now the altered version using audacity:

Can you hear the difference? You can barely hear the vocals in the background but at least it is not disruptive if you were to play it as background music.