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Science Project:

Problem Statement:Which mouth will have the highest pH level at the end of the day?

Kyle Curry
Period 2
Research Paper

The term pH come from the meaning “potential of Hydrogen” ,and is the first
element of the periodic table. A reading of greater than 7.0 is called Alkaline, a reading of
less than 7.0 is called Logarithmic. A normal pH level of a human mouth should be 6.5 or
higher .Your pH level is very important to your health, and it’s a major concern. Low pH
levels means you may have consumed too much acidity, which is very common for the
average human. The acids attack your glands and wears down the body, making it a
struggle to live. Which means it makes you even more vulnerable to catch dangerous and
severe diseases. Also may result to obesity and overweight problems. If you are able to
maintain high pH levels than you will experience less disease, better health, and less
weight gain. Dry mouth and gastric acids can all contribute to making a mouth more
acidic. Usually it takes around 20 minutes for a mouth to return to its regular pH level.
The pH factor is a number that represents the range or scale of acidity. The scale ranges
from 0-14. The pH level of 7.4 (blood) is the level your mouth wants to try to maintain.
Things that people should drink are distilled water (7.0) and milk (6.3). Things that have
low acids are orange juice (3.5) and soda (3.0).You might not even know it but many of
our everyday foods drag your pH level down. That is why you should drink water
between or with meals. Baking soda also has a high pH level ranging at 8.3. Baking soda
is added to a variety of different beverages and foods to counteract acidity. Baking soda in
usually in toothbrushes to whiten the teeth and prevent harmful acids. Baking soda is also
an ingredient in snacks such as pretzels and saltine crackers thus making it a good snacks to benefit people’s health. Also eating lots of vegetables such as carrots and celery. Also
acids can eat away things including your bodies internal organs, they cause sickness and
ill health, while high pH alkaline help balance out the acids to keep your body at a safe
level. Low pH levels alone is the root cause for at least 50% of diseases leading to
hospitalization. People who drink lots of water are healthy and don’t have to deal with the
same problems of different people who don’t drink enough water. Even though it is good
to have fluids in your body, any beverage can provide you with fluids, but only water can
maintain a proper pH level. The pH of any solution is the measure of it’s hydrogen-ion
concentration. If a person’s pH level is lower than 6.8 or higher than 7.8, the person’s
cells stop functioning and that person will die. When we chew and swallow our food
it then enters the upper portion of our stomach in which the pH is around 4.0 to 6.5, this
is where the pre-digestion occurs while the lower portion of the stomach is secreting acids
and pepsins until it’s pH has reached about 1.5-4.0. After the food starts to mixes with the
juices inside of you body it then enters the duodenum, otherwise known as the small
intestine, which the pH level change to around 7.0 and 8.5. This is where 90% of the
absorption of nutrients is taken in by the body while the waste products are passed
through the colon where the pH level drops to around 4.0 to 7.0. If you have a health
problem than you are most likely to be acidic. Research show that unless the body’s
pH level is slightly alkaline, then your body cannot heal itself. So, no matter what type of
modality you choose to take care of your health problem, it wont really matter until your
pH level is back up. If your body is not balanced you can not effectively assimilate
vitamins, minerals and foods. When you think about it your body pH level effects
EVERYTHING! Active oxygen steal electrons from healthy cells.
Alkaline water donates abundant electrons to damaged cells. Repaired cells are rendered
harmless, aiding in the elimination of active oxygen. You might not even know it but
your mouth reveals whether you are “over-carbing,” and indicates risk of certain disease
states. Also pH relates to tooth decay and cavities. Cavities can end up ruining your pH.
But cavities don’t work alone they get help from plaque. Plaque may build up over time
and devour the health of your teeth. You would think if the cause of tooth decay was the
acidic condition of the mouth, then the dentist could simply offer a “basic” solution
rinse a few times a day and hopefully the cavities would stop, but it isn’t as simply as
this. Likewise, a poor diet of modern process foods lowers mouth pH, and increase the
risk of high bacteria levels of the mouth. You may not even now it but saliva does more
than chew food, it prevents the teeth from decaying, regulating your mouths acidity level
and keeping bacteria in your mouth from running rampant. When saliva is lacking, plaque
building, enamel erodes, cavities can quickly form and fungi is now growing on you teeth
“Saliva I like a cars wash, its constant cleaning mechanism. But the average amount of
saliva that we make over time can easily disappear for a variety of reasons resulting
by dry mouth. Radiation to the head and neck to treat cancer can destroy salivary
glands. Sjogren’s syndrome, a disease, cause dry eyes and dry mouth. However, the most
common cause of chronic dry mouth has about 400 different prescription medications
effecting people of every age group. Most people don’t realize that dry mouth is a
serious problem until it’s too late, cavities abound, teeth begin to rot or yeast infections
form inside of your mouth. Patients should contact their dentist right away when they
begin a medication that lists dry mouth as a side effect. Even before decay may start,
people with chronic dry mouth will find the condition affecting their everyday life.
Our mouths are a bit of an exception. The pH can range quite significantly in our mouths
due to presence of acid producing bacteria. Some of the bacteria in our mouths can turn
into calories that we eat into acid. This acid can dissolve the surface of the tooth if it
reaches a critical pH. A critical pH at which tooth structure begins to dissolve is 6,7 on
root surface of the tooth and 5.2 of the enamel. Diets, habits, and saliva flow have a
lot to do with how well and individual depends against pH drops in the human mouth.