Digital Images: The purpose of using programs like PhotoShop or GIMP is to digitally alter pictures to help portray a certain effect whether it is artistic or conceptual.

GIMP is an example of a free online software program that allow one to digitally alter digital pictures. It works in many ways like photoshop although GIMP2 is not as people friendly. However the best part about GIMP is that it is free to use.

The below image was changed by GIMP. I used the glowing bands that surround the people in the picture as a special effect. I learned this technique by watching the "GIMP Tutorial #2-Beam effect."


Another effect that can be done with GIMP is making body parts distorted. The origianl picture is on the right. Then, I decided to get digitally pumped up. So then I decided to give myself bigger muscles.

161502_1325496004_6468095_n.jpg stevo.jpg
Many more techniques can be used on GIIMP to alter pictures by looking at YouTube videos on the subject. Overall, I found GIMP to be time consuming and for some reason it slowed down my computer.